Hurricane Emily has had a busy year so far; from gracing stages at festivals across the country such as Rhythm and Vines, Nest Fest and more, to supporting the likes of international artists Roza Terenzi and Josh Butler, Hurricane Emily has solidified her position as an electrifying selector.

She began learning to mix on vinyl a few years back, and deepened her interest in dance music while she was living abroad in Europe in 2017. With her recent return to Pōneke, Hurricane Emily is set to bring up-tempo, driving grooves that bounce between percussive house & techno tracks to electro-funk and anything in between. Dress to sweat.



Andyheartthrob lives as not just a DJ, but as an ethereal force of P.O.C. representation within the scene in Aotearoa.

Coming from a plethora of cultural makeup existing of Māori, Tahitian, Cook Island, and Scottish roots, Andy grew up and continues to reside in the multifaceted and diverse Tāmaki Makaurau. With a mission to connect everyone through music and culture, Andy wants to inspire people to step into their light and power - their Mana.

As well as being a DJ in her individual right, she is very involved and active in Tāmaki’s Dynasty Collective; a platform for creative women of colour. Aligning similarly and in parallel with WAY’s mantra, Andy explains that “Dynasty is facilitating strong connection for our people in our community”. Whilst sharing culture through Dynasty, Andy’s mission also spills into her running DJs Anonymous. Where the common ground is the music, within the DJ Lounge, a safe space opens up for all ages and skill levels to come learn, teach, share and connect through electrifying energy.


Peach Milk is a project that continues to shift and transcend labels or mediums. 

Beginning as a live act in 2016, Madison Eve aka Peach Milk’s focus lay in creating an immersive space driven through and within her ethereal dance mixes; living in a realm where genre doesn’t prove constraint. Still keeping that same sentiment, after a string of live hardware shows played throughout New Zealand, the project has now made a shift in concentration towards fine-tuned production and DJing. With 2020 bringing her latest kaleidoscope of sounds in a bite-sized 3 track collection, ‘Wonky’, Madi describes the EP as "a small selection of wonky shit made between 2018-2019". Fused together as an adhesive compilation through their shared awry nature, the theme stays consistent to her mantra as a DJ: letting no musical classification define her. 

In her live sets, with anything from house, to breaks, to super driving techno, to UKG, she brings a broad range of influence to the decks. A fully-fledged grooving ambience, Peach Milk will make ya move.