Sets™ are designed to be worn at clubs, bars, festivals, and anywhere live music is played. Our discrete earplugs lower sound by 23 decibels, ensuring a safer live music experience without compromising on sound quality or your hearing.


**** PREMIUM PROTECTION 23db reduction to protect your hearing from harmful frequencies. Sets are designed with innovative attenuation filters that reduce noise evenly at all frequencies, without sacrificing clarity. This means you can enjoy the music at the perfect volume without harming your hearing. The best part is you'll still be able to hear your friend who's always yelling in your ear.


BUILT TO LAST - Washable & waterproof. Includes attachable carry case.


SLEEK & COMFORTABLE DESIGN - Discrete, hypoallergenic, triple-layered design for the optimal fit. Sets seal comfortably, you won't even notice you have your Sets in your ears.


ECO CONSCIOUS - Reusable earplugs with a recyclable aluminium carry case.